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File: 1505783385111.png (32.03 KB, 500x500, IMG_0336.PNG) ImgOps Google

ID: c748794139 No.64072

I don't ever get to see any wins from out here. Post them if you have them! Especially class of '10!

ID: 372bcf68e2 No.64508

Guess there is none lol

ID: c3d2ae24fe No.64512


ID: 80ae66aab7 No.64522

I have Sierra T, Rachel A, Miranda D.

what's out there?

ID: ee83c7abcc No.64528


ID: 372bcf68e2 No.64552

Kristy? That's who you are gonna ask for? Lol got a funny story about how she slapped me in class once

ID: 372bcf68e2 No.64553

If that's the Rachel A I think it is please do. That would be awesome. I got some Paris E, Julianne M, Sophia P, and Lynn M before she turned into a dude lol

ID: c3d2ae24fe No.64579

lol she's just the only slut I know from tracy I was curious is anyone had win she sent me something almost 5 years ago so I know she sends stuff out

ID: f47afd038c No.64610

I mean I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her naked lol praying that dude delivers that Rachel A. I got some Brittany J or whatever her new last name is now

ID: f06e41164e No.64728

Anyone got Kristen S?

ID: 287f4e3125 No.64766

Anyone have Danelle P. From class of 2009

ID: fd25a02eb5 No.64770

Anyone have or know anything about courtney A?

ID: e096ae12b8 No.64776

Even though I'd love to see them and I know for a fact there are wins because she is probably the biggest whore I've ever seen…the people she fucks with or would have them definitely aren't going to be here on this site lol bitch things she is some hood nigga when in reality she is just some spoiled suburban white girl.

ID: 287f4e3125 No.64778

Do you know any of them and can get them?

ID: e096ae12b8 No.64791

Nah man I don't hang out with ghetto Norte pieces of shit lol.

ID: e096ae12b8 No.64809

File: 1506532245198.jpg (81.6 KB, 640x854, IMG_2061.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Alright I'll get it started. Julianne M

ID: e096ae12b8 No.64811

File: 1506532329770.jpg (119.39 KB, 640x854, IMG_2060.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 1c08b5f767 No.64828

Anything on marissa or marina m? Sisters!

ID: e096ae12b8 No.65139


ID: 287f4e3125 No.65206

Anyone have any of Jasmine G (h) or Allie R (a)

ID: 9613a0f7da No.65223

File: 1506852413266.jpg (46.74 KB, 865x649, 1472869737034.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ID: 9917e97911 No.65241

Anyone know lauren s? Tiny little thing with Ana amazing ass. I have a lot of Nudes

ID: c460274700 No.65289

Anything on Darla A, west high class of 09?

ID: 5bd34f5b53 No.65290

File: 1506897846415.jpeg (602.86 KB, 1152x2048, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Anyone know Erin?

ID: 9bcae79b4b No.65350

post some amanda a

ID: e096ae12b8 No.65570


ID: 2e0f2c7ace No.65605

File: 1507151371313.jpg (35.4 KB, 299x330, IMG_1398.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

anyone know her?

ID: e096ae12b8 No.65767

File: 1507262250720.jpg (45.05 KB, 299x400, IMG_2074.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Brittany J or W now that she is married

ID: f259b9bc5f No.65820


ID: 2640d94151 No.66092

Bump because I know Tracy is full of sluts.

ID: 2d98a7f197 No.66101

Anything on Amber (s)a with the huge ass?

ID: dc99580161 No.66355

Reilly H??

ID: 6bc7f8f431 No.66366

File: 1507703215073.png (681.48 KB, 717x960, 8 (copy).png) ImgOps Google


ID: dc99580161 No.66375


quit with the censoring and the know her?? just post the damn pic

ID: f220f38ee1 No.66449

ID: b81fdccb4e No.66561

File: 1507850231233.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2078.PNG) ImgOps Google

Come on guys we need more legit win. Here is Natalie T.
Funnily rhymes with Negro

ID: f220f38ee1 No.66611

very nice, do you have more?

ID: 6d0926816d No.66753

y’all are pathetic with your contributions

ID: ea344f5a92 No.66791

Then add something? People need to contribute instead of horde

ID: 20496099f8 No.66795

Someone posted Chiarra A. In the last thread. Post more of her and her friends!

ID: 830887ec3a No.66965

Looking for some Serenna W. I know she has wins out there because she legit asked me if she could get her nudes hacked before

ID: 4149127505 No.67030

I've heard there are some of Kristin B

ID: 80ae66aab7 No.67044

If this is true they need to be posted!

ID: e096ae12b8 No.67046

Highly doubt it. She would be the last girl I would ever imagine sending a nude lol she's precious as fuck haha

ID: 2640d94151 No.67113

Anyone have Cierra B or her sister Savannah? Or girls from their year?

ID: e096ae12b8 No.67133

How is it nobody but me posting something.

ID: 5d0759dd86 No.67170

File: 1508425630890.jpeg (339.61 KB, 1242x1425, D03B126E-BBA4-449F-A556-6….jpeg) ImgOps Google

>>64828 r you talking about them?
More Julianne m with face if possible

ID: e096ae12b8 No.67211

I got more Julianne M but I need some more out of this thread before I give some out. People legit need to stop being lazy

ID: c8ff5b7b39 No.67219

File: 1508456269171-0.jpeg (43.05 KB, 450x600, D66EEF8A-24CF-4885-A38E-0….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1508456269171-1.jpeg (39.78 KB, 450x600, 4A1EB951-D59A-4501-9B03-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google

This really all I got. Some wanna be norte girl from west high but probably graduated at stein. I don’t remember her name found it in another Tracy post

ID: 2d98a7f197 No.67427

Anything on Tanisha A?

ID: e096ae12b8 No.67570

…come on people

ID: 0bcad2eae2 No.67755


I want Miranda D

ID: 0bcad2eae2 No.67912


Me too! Bump! I have Hazel T before she got preggo.

ID: 5d0759dd86 No.67949

Hazel t sounds so familiar upload a regular pic of her

ID: fcddf727f2 No.67975

you do realize we can tell these posts are both from the same person, right?

ID: 5e6a9aed1d No.68343


ID: ef0aaceaf3 No.68413

Yes! That’s the sisters I’m talking about. You got them?

ID: 692e58c89d No.68436

Anyone got 05 graduates? West or tracy?

ID: 94e97cea96 No.68465

Bump for ‘13

ID: 01c73a88af No.68474

What happened to that Rachel A?

ID: 2640d94151 No.68522


ID: 80d8343a38 No.68566

waiting for something of value to be posted

ID: e096ae12b8 No.68577

I mean I've already put out Julianne M. Natalie T. Britney J. I mean so far things have been posted lol don't know exactly what you are holdin out for.

ID: c56fa6e033 No.68605

Bump for Macale sisters. Who got em

ID: 287f4e3125 No.68769

Bump for Danelle P.

ID: 4d78a5d15c No.68948

Do you have marissa or marina?

ID: 8403c23b47 No.69018

File: 1509936942137.jpg (37.6 KB, 600x673, l_11b450948eeb49dc974894b9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Looking for anything Shelby H.

ID: 0bcad2eae2 No.69217

File: 1510045933670.jpg (91.05 KB, 959x959, 20031565_1584942698222604_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hazel T.

ID: e096ae12b8 No.69219

everyone is asking but no one is delivering lol. One dude didnt even know who the girl he posted was lol

ID: 1da1d37481 No.69326

or he wanted to know if anyone knew who they were? Obviously nobody responded, so why post them if they won’t appreciate it? Might as well be any other naked woman on the internet.

ID: 0bcad2eae2 No.69376


Let's see some Miranda D

ID: 661e083698 No.69874

Any more?

ID: 4be4c6f77c No.70146

Bump for marina or marissa m. Anything on Bernadette g?

ID: 8503da41fe No.70161


Also, everyone should just post all their Tracy wins like right now

ID: 4089866ad1 No.70276

any more natalie t? so great

ID: c5f1663a40 No.70300

Anyone have anything at all or is this dead?

ID: e096ae12b8 No.70419

nah people are hoarding because the think its going to get them somewhere like a bunch of faggots

ID: 2c70dabb7c No.70751

Got any 04 05 06 west high graduates?

ID: ffc82746bf No.70806

File: 1511452873347.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, 11DD1B67-0DCE-4417-A80E-AE….png) ImgOps Google

Anyone have wins or story’s of josie? Hmu let’s trade ___________

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.70895

anything on two chicks Adriana and Leslie. Used to do private stickam shows back in the day. Search Redhotrocker88 to find some of them. Anybody have anymore than that?

ID: c28e51d325 No.70988

Someone post Britney

ID: 287f4e3125 No.70996

Is that adriana p? Danelle p's sister?

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71032

yeah. looking for more of her and Leslie S.

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71040

motherless dot com/107F01C

i know theres more than just this

ID: 287f4e3125 No.71042

Please tell me there's more of adriana I would pay good money for it

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71152

I'm pretty sure there is more, also I know for a fact there is more of Leslie the blonde chick. Somebody needs to come through

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71362

bump please

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71654

File: 1512241122926.jpg (25.56 KB, 480x640, 4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71667


ID: ea99960d54 No.71717

Willing to pay to see either of the Macale sisters!!

ID: 0d3f17a87b No.71961

more please

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