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File: 1519408481744-0.png (1.53 MB, 1440x1230, 20180223_124925.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1519408481744-1.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2210, 20180223_124949.png) ImgOps Google


Danielle P. From Long island just got huge fake tits


A shame because her ass is great, but those tits just make her look like a fuckin plastic cunt.
Oh well, always hoping she does porn still


What’s here social media?


She does porn?


rumor has it her boyfriend isn’t a chump, and accepts money to see pictures of her


bump for pics


File: 1519444541989-0.jpeg (680.21 KB, 864x1536, 4F31B847-03F9-44A3-B1DD-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1519444541989-1.jpeg (795.78 KB, 864x1536, C4EA4ACD-E21D-4B34-892C-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Looks like there’s something unseen of her


Lol guy said it’s 200 fuck that. Does anyone have the the LI discord i was in it but account got banned


Anyone have that vid that showed up for a little bit? Was supposed to be some friend of her sucking dick and she was in the room or something.


There’s gotta be another way to get those vids who tf would wanna pay 200 that guy’s a moron


What’s her insta




Her bf is becoming a nice little pimp. Has her selling his sneakers on insta, has her get fake tits and then is charging dudes to see her naked..nice. Or maybe he could just get a real job


What’s her insta?








BUMP someone has to have wins. there's no way she hasn't shown off those tits


Bump for hope


I’d only drop dough for a video of her getting hit from the back…MAYBE


The same thread is in the Ass thread noobs


He says you get 10 vids for $200 including naked twerking, bjs, and cowgirl


…anybody got $200?…


I'll do it, idc. How else can I reach him I messaged him but he hasn't answered.


Dude you’re the GOAT, make a Dropbox or mega file or something and just link it if he responds


If someone buys the vids and posts em I’ll cobtribute $20 toward them if a PayPal address is posted


I'm nothing special just been waiting too long and wanting it to bad to be stopped by something I can buy my way out of. Now if only this dude would answer me…






Bump the videos




Any wins do her friend caitlin mc.


File: 1519622438916.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1983, 7BC69404-B544-4C5E-AA32-5….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Now let’s see more


the guy doesn't have shit. don't waste your time


File: 1519637363700.jpeg (512.49 KB, 750x848, 1516309650814.jpeg) ImgOps Google


The dude is legit i bought but the only thing is it does NOT take "two to three days" more like a week!! and all the videos are not over 2 minutes the Bj one was like 45 seconds but it was still hot. I would show you guys if i didn't pay my check to get these


“I would show you guys if I didn’t pay my check to get these” yeah some guy on the other thread said the same, and there’s no proof of those vids on there either lol it’s a fake guy’s c’mon now


It’s so unfortunate that no ones got proof of anything





200 is your whole check? and like I said to the dude before, I'd send over $20 to anyone that posts the vids and leaves a paypal.

And Im sure I wouldn't be the only one




I got Demi l spread etc for these


And what does spending your check have to do with sharing the wins everybody’s been dying to see for so long? Is the fact that you paid for them preventing you from dropping a link or something?


It’s all lies



Possibly. But then how do you explain the pics in this thread then? They are definitely her. Im still skeptical of any sex videos but figure there are definitely some nude twerk ones


I see a lot of broke bitches in the thread salty that they’re not getting free porn. Get some money losers.

*important message if you bought from me or messaged me on kik REKIK me. My kick reset and I lost all my messAges* thanks ~ kik (Vladthedad)



If you we're smart you'd lower the price. Not many dudes are gonna pay $200 for videos. This girl is hot but its not exactly Pam Anderson in her prime. If you lowered the price then you'd get many more people to purchase from you.

And then you take a week to send them after getting paid? Really great seller rep you got there.


She’s not even nude in that video lmfao if you look close at the first screenshot you can see she still has her panties on




Whats her insta?




Beware It took me two weeks to receive my videos!!! No matter how good they are if you do not like waiting i do not recommend buying.


Post a screenshot
Of them if you have them



50 bucks to you if you post em and leave a paypal addy


Can someone confirm if this guys legit because he doesn’t answer his messages


tried to hit that guy up to buy… no answer. If someone has them show proof and i'll buy


All my messages got deleted on kik but im good now. Everyone please remessage me (vladthedad) jak,cb,lou,ryry all the names i can remember right now


Check again


Yeah like most others I'll either donate to a PayPal or buy, but without any good legitimate proof… yeaaah not gonna spend money on that in fear of not receiving what I was supposed to. People like to scam, and even with something as simple as win trading, it results in scams all the time.



Yep. IF the videos exist, whoever is selling them is dumb not to put it up on a site where a preview or atleast a thumbnail to show proof is available and receive payments through there. Doubt any money sent through KIK is protected by scams.

Mindboggling to me how most people can never think outside the box.



still hasn't answered. Find it weird that nobody else who supposedly bought the vids wouldn't want to sell them also to make their money back, you know, if this stuff actually existed.


You all got played hard. And he prob made over $1000


Told you guys, why would her own bf pimp her out selling her vids for $200? There’s so much wrong with that one statement alone, the vids don’t exist and if they do, he’s got them and keeping them for himself. Sorry to burst the bubble


Has anyone actually gotten videos from him


You stupid simple fucks. It’s the bf writing this entire dialogue. He’s got a meth issue n theses small deposits that he’s trying to fraud his way into will not pay off for you poor saps. In closing, her tit job sucks and I’m convinced none of you have checked out this broads face or zoomed to see the chipotle stained b-hole her skinny trousers are sealing shut. Wise up.


somebody post a screenie or something if u actually got a vid, or just post the whole damn thing


Scam. The videos would have been on here already if someone had bought them. Just some dude trying to make a quick buck.


For real if you pay for anyone’s nudes you’re a fucking moron


Anyone have that other video that was posted along with the ass kissing one? Some chick sucking dick with Danielle supposedly in the room.


Girl looks like a horse, prob shits like one too


post every gif you have, i think i have them all. need to have the entire collection =) so much fun!


She's live on Instagram doing booty day. Someone record it. I can't


anyone get any screenshots?




Whats her Insta??


Did this guy really pull the biggest con of 2018 or does anyone have any win?

Smart guy, really. Fooled everyone


File: 1520994742772.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2208, 4685AEF7-6E05-45D7-9304-F0….png) ImgOps Google


Somebody’s gotta have something new bump


I just got aids. Soo thats new. U can have that.


File: 1521159279327.jpg (74.46 KB, 481x620, IMG_0035.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1521375393376.jpeg (37 KB, 600x600, F23DC8C7-F9AF-4607-AC41-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google


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